Choosing the right color can affect your mood

Its important to consider the mood you want to create within a room. These are few examples of wall colors and their effects:

 Vibrant colors such as yellows, oranges and golds will bring excitement into a room.

yellow walls traditional living room


yellow walls kitchen

Source: Lauren Ostrow

orange bedroom

Source: McCroskey Interiors

Red is a bold color known to be great in dining rooms, living rooms and bedrooms. Red is associated with passion, intimacy and encourages appetite in dining rooms.

red dining room


red eclectic living room

Source: B. Fein Interior Design

red contemporary bedroom

Source: Terrat Elms Interior Design

Blue walls are calm and relaxing. Great color for bedrooms and living rooms. Blue will also make your room appear larger.

blue baby room

Source: McCroskey Interiors

Blue walls fireplace


Green walls are great for any room. Green walls are inviting, relaxing and will also make your room look larger.

green traditional family room

Source: Diane Burgoyne Interiors

green traditional kitchen

Source: Diane Burgoyne Interiors

White is bright and clean looking, works well in kitchens and bathrooms. However, in areas with high traffic such as hallways and play rooms, white may not be suitable as dirt will show more and require more maintenance.

white walls kitchen


white walls traditional bathroom


With the large variety of colors, choosing the right ones, can sometimes be overwhelming. An interior decorator can help you choose the right colors to create the room or rooms that suits your taste.

A little splash of color to your front door

Changing the color of your front door is an easy and inexpensive DIY project, which will transform the exterior of your home.

The right door color will add curb appeal, welcome visitors and potential home buyers.

Before choosing your paint color you might want to drive around your area for inspiration. An other way to get inspiration is to browse the internet for homes that have similar style, color brick, exterior siding, wood or shutters.

green traditional exterior

Source: Katie Rosenfeld Interiors

Most hardware or paint stores provide free color advise. Take a picture of your home on a sunny day, print it and take it with you. Also take any exterior material left over you might have such as siding, stone or brick. Make sure to ask for color chips (samples) to take back  home.

Once you are back home, take the photo of your house and cut out the doorway. Simply use the different color chips behind it to see the effect.

Front door color selection tip1

Take pictures of each sample and compare them side by side on your computer. This will make it easier to select your favorite colors.

Front door color selection tip7

Front door color selection tip5

Front door color selection tip2

Front door color selection tip3

Front door color selection tip4

Front door color selection tip6

Front door color selection tip8

Choose the color that best suits your style and personality. Since your front door should be the focal point of your home, choose a color that will contrast with the rest of the house.

red traditional exterior door


Exterior paint colors should be chosen with exterior lighting, a bright yellow indoors might not look so bright outdoors. Therefore, a paint sample should be tested outdoors as the color effect might change through the various strength of lighting throughout the day.

yellow exterior door

Source: Sandi’s Real Estate

The paint color sheen, which is the level of gloss in your paint color, also plays a big role in your color effect. High gloss paint will enhance the color of your door and will be easier to clean. However, if your door has visible imperfections, high gloss paint will make them more visible. For an old wood door you might want to consider using a satin finish. Semi gloss paint is always a good option.

aubergine traditional entrance door

Source: Sandi’s Real Estate

eclectic exterior red door

Source: Houzz

blue front door

Source: Ann Drake of On Sutton Place

traditional exterior red door

Source: Houzz

If you are still not sure, then you may want to consider advise from a professional interior decorator who will show you different color options that work with the style of your home, color of brick, exterior siding, wood and shutters.

Painting your basement stairs

Rebuilding your basement or simply sprucing up your staircase does not mean breaking the bank. You can update your staircase by using inexpensive materials. The riser (back of step) and trend (the step) can be build from presswood which is much lower price than hardwood. Once you have completed building your staircase, you can either paint it white or any color you prefer.

Having fun decorating your basement stairs. Steps, railing and balusters have been painted in grey, risers and spindles in white. With a striped carpet runner. Flowery wallpaper provides a creative touch.

contemporary basement staircase

Source: Sage Design Studio Inc.

If you want to be creative and you happen to have some left over wallpaper here is a fun idea. The steps have been painted in grey and the riser has been covered with wallpaper (Cole & Sons Woods Wallpaper).

wallpaper eclectic staircase

Source: Valillawood

This was a recent project. The staircase was completely rebuilt using presswood for the steps and riser. Steps, riser and spindles were painted in pearl finish Benjamin Moore Cloud White. Rail and balusters were stained in mahogany color to match the new flooring. A little trick to match your floors, bring a sample of your flooring to your local paint or hardware store and they will match it.

Basement stairs 018

Source: Eleni Decor

You can be creative. Add color and stenciling to fit your style.

Painted stairs1

Source: Random thoughts from an incoherent – blog

Laundry rooms do not have to be dull and boring

Here are some great looking and functional laundry room ideas:

A laundry room does not need much space to be functional.

Laundry room

Source: iheartorganizingblog

 Yellow green walls with shaker cabinets and farmhouse sink

Laundry room

Source: Urban Grace Interiors

Blue and green, sunny laundry room

Laundry room

Source: House & Home

Functional laundry room with pretty wall paper

Laundry room

Source: The Washington Post

Loving the turquoise walls!

turquoise laundry room


Does your basement feel dark and dingy

Basements do not have to be dark and dingy. Simple and inexpensive solutions can be applied. Freshening up your walls with light and warm colors such as yellows, oranges, golds, browns are some of the suggested palettes. Ceilings should also be considered, they should be painted in a lighter color than the walls.

Basement lighting and colors

Source: Michael Abrams Limited

Lighting is also very important specially where there is not enough windows for natural light. Whether your basement has a finished or suspended ceiling, recess can lighting is a great option. Can recessed lighting offers bright lighting and minimizes shadows and glares, perfect for craft areas and game rooms.

Basement lighting and color

Source: Crisp Architects

There are many options of flooring on the market suitable for basements. A few options are laminate flooring, engineered wood flooring and carpet. If your basement wall colors are kept light and warm, you can choose to go dark or light on your flooring.

Dark flooring

Basement floor

Source: Creative Design Construction

Light flooring

Basement floor

Source: Michael Robert Construction

For basement staircase ideas, refer to my blog Painting Your Basement Stairs