Christmas Decorating Ideas

Hello Everyone,

It’s December already and 16 days till Christmas. So let’s get cracking and get ready for the holidays.

Christmas for me is the most beautiful time of the year. Love the snow and the festive decorations which add a cozy and welcoming feel to our homes.


Don’t be shy, go ahead check out your attic, take out all your Christmas decorations and decorate until your hearts content. This is the time of the year where your friends and family will not think you have over decorated.



Welcome your guests with a beautiful garland on your staircase.


Brighten up your living room with greens, reds, golds etc…


Love the red chair and pillows….Gorgeous!




Christmas stockings….




Don’t forget to decorate your chandeliers.


Santa Hat Brownies… Made them last year they were gone in minutes.


Decorating your home for Christmas should be fun and inexpensive. You can simply purchase pine cones, branches, garlands, wreaths and greenery at your local grocery store or market. In the fall I started picking up pine cones from a near by park and cut my branches from the woods. Every year I  purchase a real Christmas Tree from a farm and  pick up fallen pine branches that I use to fill up my front urns. There you go, it is as simple as that.

I hope my post has inspired you to start on your decorating. I wish you all HAPPY HOLIDAYS!