Dining Room Lighting

Crystal Chandeliers For Dining Room1

When choosing a chandelier or pendant light for your dining room, you need to consider whether the decor of your room is casual or formal, as well as the size of your dining space. An oversized chandelier will overwhelm a room, while an undersized chandelier will look out of place.

To choose the right size chandelier or pendant light, measure your dining room and add the length and the width. Converting the sum to inches will give you the approximate diameter for the right size chandelier or pendant.

Example: 10′ + 12′ = 22′. Converted to inches = 22″ diameter

If you are unable to find the exact diameter, it is preferable to choose a size that is slightly larger than smaller.

Your chandelier or pendant should hang 30″ to 34″ above the table top. However, if your ceilings are over 8 feet, add 3″ for each additional foot of ceiling height.

The intensity of your lighting is essential to creating the right ambiance in your dining room. Adding dimmers will allow you to set the right brightness for a more flattering light.

Here are some examples of different style chandelier and pendant lights:

dining room lighting

Source: Marjorie Shushan Studio

dining room chandelier

Source: donaroseneinteriors.com

Dining Room Contenporary Lighting

Source: Houzz

transitional eclectic formal dining room

Source: Jeffrey and Deborah Fisher

dining room lighting

Source: myhomeideas.com

dining room lighting


dining room lighting

Source: bhg

traditional dining room lighting

Source: Laura Hardin’s Design

dining room lighting

Source: lindafloyd.com

Which chandelier would you choose?

  1. Great lighting tips, Eleni! I see so many dining rooms where the chandeliers are hung far too high. I love the 2nd last photo with the double lanterns… so pretty!
    ~ Wendi

  2. EliEli04-23-2013

    Great tips. I didnt realize the importance of height. I would choose the second one. Definitely my taste.

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